Monday, December 15, 2008

We're having fun now it's plain to see!

The guy who dealt the fatal blow to Matt Hockey earlier this year was found guily of involuntary manslaughter and assault on Thursday or Friday. Sentencing will happen some time in January. Please keep his family in your thoughts. Just because the dude was found guilty does NOT bring Matt back to his family, including his young son. Such a sad thing to go through at the holidays.

Speaking of the holidays...

Have I ever mentioned that I HATE shopping? I do. Ick. AND Christmas? Hate that, too. But having Todd around this year to have our own Anti-Christmas...I dig it. And I'm fine missing out on all the hoopla and nonsense...but I WOULD like a tree. I left my tree up until almost JULY last year because I loved it so much. I guess I'll have to put presents under...I dunno. I have nothing to put them under!

It's going to be a long day. I can feel it in my bones. And in my intestines. My intestines usually get rowdy when it's going to be a really long day. I'm not looking forward to it. I'm also not looking forward to chest piece tattoo removal on Friday. I'm actually dreading that straight down to my core. But it's gotta be done. It's time. Five years of being a wuss is looooooong enough, I tell you what!

This weekend was a 50/50 deal. Todd, Jimmy and I went to some goofy bar in Lakewood that I did not have high hopes for. But my hair looked incredible...and there was a really bad but fun cover band...and shots of Jamesons! It turned out to be so much fun that the rest of the weekend paled in comparison. I think we used up all of our "fun" on Friday. I may have even overdosed on the fun because although I really didn't drink that much...I left with the hiccups and have a tiny portion of the night missing from my memory. Despite what he says, I don't think Todd and I made sweet love for 3 hours. Nice try though.

That's really about it, sadly. This "hermit" stuff doesn't really lend to good blogging. But the chilling had been good. And the painting. And the seriously snuggle time. Maybe it doesn't blow your minds like when I would write about fucking shit up at The Mantis or any number of crazy things that happened while out-n-about with Johnny...but I'm so wrecked (probably from all those years of tomfoolery) that sometimes sitting around and playing cards or watching cartoons is just fine by me.

I heard "Power of Love" by Huey Lewis every day this weekend. Maybe that will have to be our wedding song. Probably not...but never count out the overwhelming power of The News.

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