Friday, June 29, 2007

It felt so good he bought everyone beers!

Something smells fishy and it's not me. I smell like peaches.

Weird occurrence on the way to work today. I was trucking along and running a titch late but whatever. I'm wearing my new apple shirt and my bossom look plentiful so what's a minute or two here and there? Moving on. I saw a giant sign in someone's yard and assumed it was one of those memorials to someone who died in the military. Those seem to be spreading like wildfire these days. But it wasn't one of those, nor a shrine to any person who had died, and it wasn't an advertisment of any sort for a yard sale of what not. But it spooky, creepy, spine chilling poorly spray painted letters, the giant sign gave me the heebie jeebies.


This was a mammoth sign and it really made me uncomfortable. I'm assuming someone hit the dog and left it for dead, high tailing it out of there. If I was that person, I'd find an alternate route because seeing that sign was haunting...and I didn't even kill the damn dog. I don't even like dogs! But it reminded me alot of one of those Creepshow movies where the lady hits a hitchhiker and he keeps showing up everywhere saying, "Thanks for the ride...lady". I assume this sign had the potential to haunt someone. It was eerie with it's drippy spray paint. And obviously this event really hurt these people since they put the biggest, scariest sign in their yard. I think these people probably butcher people in their shed. in peace, Spot.

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