Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I am leaving but the fighter still remains.

It was such an exhausting weekend that I haven't even had the strength to talk about it until now. And even now, I'm getting tired just thinking about that stretch of days. It took me awhile to prepare for our trip to the race and it was waaaaay past my bedtime before I actually sawed wood. There we were in the middle of the night trying to figure out just how to fit ten tons of camping equipment into the Earl Mobile. It was like a clown car. My back window might as well have been none existant.!

I got weighed and measured which was a nice way to start my mini-vacation. Lost a few pounds, 4% of my body fat took a hike, and some inches melted off of my thighs, abs, and waist (which is already small to a goofy degree so I have to change that up a bit). It made me feel so powerful and so accomplished! I worked out and we hit the dusty trail! Pocono International Raceway or bust! And we certainly had some run-ins with "bust" because we got LOST! Or shoudl I say Bill got us lost! We drove 140 extra miles before we finally found the racetrack and then the boiling death continued accumulating.

MORONS! Everyone employed there was half braindead. I could have murdered at least 10 people while we were shuffled around from gate to gate. No, you're camping here. No, you're camping there. I have no idea where you're camping. There is no gate 6. You need to be staged. Blah blah blah blah. By the time we ended up where we were supposed to be and found our camping plot...well...I couldn't crack a beer fast enough, I'll tell you what. But if you think that we could finally relax at this point...we couldn't! We ran out of lighter fluid! This meant no cooking and no fire! FUCK! Or should I say, we sacrificed what fluid we DID have so we could have a fire. We're not genius' by any means.

And nothing got easier. We were shuffled around all the next day while trying to figure out how to get to our seats. Back and forth. Back and forth. You have to go to this entrance. You have to leave the track and walk all the way around. This leads to pit road. How did you even get in here? I was ready to just flip out. There's no other way to describe it. I wanted to FLIP! When we finally get some accurate directions, we discover that we had just been sent on a wild goose chase when our entrance was right in front of our faces! IDIOTS! Them, not us.

So we go to check out the merch trailers and theer are drivers EVERYWHERE! JJ Yeley, Reed Sorenson, Brian Vickers. And HOLY HELL! JAMIE MCMURRAY!!!! I was mere feet away from him, fighting back tears. I was actually star struck. I have pictures to prove just how close to me he was. I screamed "I LOVE YOU JAMIE" and Bill died a little inside. Still, at that point, nothing could bring me down. Not even the rain that delayed teh race 3 hours and eventually forced us to pack up camp and high tail it home. Oh, I'm sorry. That DID bring me down! It was AWFUL! We smelled like wet dogs and wrapped our trip up a day early. We weren't even there 24 hours!JESUS!

But Gordon did win the race by default so I won $230. Rad.

How did we spend our final day off since we were driving home from Pocono? We got a pizza, watched a movie, and crashed. The next day, we hosed off and headed to Hoggy's for lunch. It was supposed to be a pre-cursor to a full day of drinking. Nothing is better than drinking when everyone else is working hard and stressing out. But a mistake was made when Bill decided to try the Hoggy's Challenge. Oh Lord. We couldn't talk to each other through the whole meal because he had work to do. I couldn't even look in his direction without wanting to toss. He ate everything...I can't even discuss what he ate...and got a free t-shirt. The rest of the day consisted of sleeping, moaning, and slothing. I tried drinking but it's not fun alone. Damn you Hoggy's Challenge!

So the weekend is over. I know it sounds utterly awful...and portions of it were. But the quality time was good. The snuggling, the talking, the napping. Just being together and not biting each other's heads off. Jamie McMurray was good...souveniers are always good. Bill is good. Life is good.

But BELIEVE ME...I'm not doing squat this weekend! Cleaning, prepping for the garage sale, Jen's party, vegging, working out. That is the extent of my plans. My brain and body need a break.

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