Thursday, June 07, 2007

It took a twist but I turned.

I need to start carrying around a little note book with me at all times. I always see or hear odd things that I want to share with all of y'all and I THINK that I will remember them, but I never do. They're always interesting and strange or funny, a nice break from the ramblings of my life. Alas, they go out as fast as they come in, leaving my brain vacant of anything noteworthy. So I'm forced to ramble on.

I have a meeting with the admissions advisor at Tri-C next Thursday. I've decided to bust out the plaid skirts and saddle shoes and go back to school. Knowledge is never wasted, or so says my mom. I did learn plenty in Human Sexuality, after all. But enough about my smarts. I was mulling a few different options over in my head and while Psychology is my thang, I don't want to go to grad school. I want to have a life and not be married to my career. I see how people who are like that turn out and it's not for me. I WANT TO LIVE! I've decided to check out Diagnostic Medical Sonography with the OB/GYN field (so I can talk about woman bits and fetus' all day long). I'm so jazzed about it...and not just because I get to wear scrubs!

I can't join the program until next fall so I'm going to get my pre requisites and shadowing out of the way AND I'm going to get a Phlebotomy certificate (!!!) just to give me a leg up on everyone else. One more skill to tack on. And no, I'm not just doing this so I can take a class called "Intro to Blood Colelcting", though that is a perk that I will brag all about. I can't wait to have fresh notebooks and pens. I'm all a quiver!

Our tickets to the race and infield camping passes finally showed up last night. Like the two loser nerds that we are, we made an extensive check list to make sure we don't forget anything for the weekend. It takes a lot to prepare to go to a race, especially when you're going to be there from Saturday to Monday! I can't wait to hear that vooooooooooom. It's a sound like no other. I know you think I'm a redneck now but it's not like that. It's more about fast cars and gambling, for me. And Jamie. Beautiful Jamie.

And tonight is Pussyfoot practice, per usual. We have two big shows in July and have to plan for them now! We only have 4 practices before we all hightail it to Heavy Rebel and then we have to twist-n-shout when we get back. And as I've said, so much work goes into planning a show these days. It can be mind numbing. I hope we accomplish as much as possible tonight and that I can simultaneously make contributions AND prep for the weekend. I'm a multi-tasker. No sweat.

8 hours until I can work out!
2 days until the Poconos!
9 days until Tessa's birthday jam and Jen's housewarming!
16 days until the Three Stooges Birthday party!
29 days until Heavy Rebel!
37 days until Leroy Thompson!
44 days until Dragway 42!
52 days until Indianapolis!
74 days until Miami, Key West, y Cozumel!

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