Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Destiny is calling me!

I am experiencing an overwhelming sense of BOREDOM right now. I know that there has to be some down time in life but I don't handle boredom very well. Especially when things have been on such a roll. I've been cleaning my house room by room and weeding out for the big, bad, vacation cash garage sale. I've parted with some things I've never thought I would but I've just accumulated too much...shtuff. And I've been cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. And I've been all in a tizzy getting ready for school (whip out the saddle shoes and short skirt...I'm a school girl again!), meeting with advisors, applying to my program, planning my schedule. So when you're all go! go! go! and then STOP...boredom. It's boring. And I can't stand it.

But here's a dose of excitement you may already know about...

I got two new front teeth on Friday. They didn't use any Novocaine which rots because the itty bitty top portion still containing root and acting as the base for the new pearlies still had FEELING. That part was still REAL! Still LIVING! It was traumatic. And I'm still getting used to my new fangs. It's all weird up in there. He gave the teeth texture because real teeth have texture. And I keep licking the texture. I'm going to lick my gums raw, I'll tell you what.

I guess I should have explained the WHY of this story. I was in a horrible bar fight this week and some bitches knocked out my grill. My teeth should be made of steel with all the calcium I get. It looked like two Chicklets flying across the bar. And blood everywhere, including in one of the girl's faces...where I spit it! I looked like Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel. I was all icky and gummy. Like Grandma. It was a very thug moment in my life but once I got home after the incident, I bawled like a baby.


In the 4th grade, Matt Landy tripped me and I fell knocking out most of my front tooth. It was bonded and everything was A-OK. However, as the years go by, the bond breaks. And the more they replace the bond, the more they have to chip away at the tooth next to it, therefore needing to bond that one as well. And it's just come to a point where both front teeth are pretty fake outside of the tippity top which the bond is built on. Eventually, they will need to be capped.
One of those stories is true. Take your pick!

And all of this stuff is a total boredom cure, for sure!
5.5 hours until I can work out!
17 days until Heavy Rebel!
25 days until Leroy Thompson!
32 days until Dragway 42 and TMBG!
40 days until Indianapolis!
62 days until Miami, Key West, y Cozumel!
68 days until school starts!

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