Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You say I'm going to die when you tell me.

Awwwww SNAP!

I've got a busted digit! It's not as bad as it sounds though it is painful enough to make me cry when I'm by myself in my cubicle. Sadly, in my relationship, you don't get a lot of sympathy or help when you're sick or injured. Man, Bill really didn't know who he was falling for, did he? The sickest klutz on the block. But screw him. He can whine about his earaches and backaches and life aches to someone else. He's not getting any more of my good, ol' fashioned compassion.

But back to the break...

The weekend got off to a rocky start. My boyfriend had his period so I gave up my Grand Prix ticket so he could go with a buddy. Never spreads his PMS around his pals. Just his woman. So I turned his frown upside down but inherited one of my own. I was, in turn, supposed to go out with the girlfriend of the buddy and she ditched me. I ended up driving home in a furious rage, having a few cocktails, and falling asleep with the Girls Next Door. Wouldn't have been a bad Friday in general but it SUCKED when the air of being ditched was looming. I could have gone with Bill and the buddy...there WERE 3 tickets. Instead, I stewed and am still stewing. I can hold a nasty grudge.

Woke up with a rather large chip off my shoulder. Verbally tussled with my man over the phone while shopping for pasta salad supplies. Don't think I can ever go to that Marc's again. My guy...he sucks at the whole "cheering up" and "sympathizing" gig. He's pretty self-involved at times...full of himself, if you will. But I knew this from the get-go. Arrrrrrr...this isn't even the point! I'm just blathering on and on.

And this type of blather is hurting my paw.

Went to Tom's (and Texas Pete's and Dennis') birthday par-tay and put on a happy face. I refuse to be a bummer in public. They should give tickets for that and honestly, I have enough people and things in my life that are bummers (please reference above where a friend ditched me when I tried to make things easier and more fun for HER EVENING...pffft). So I had some cocktails, rocked out, posed for photos, goofed off, and...



I'm just doing that for dramatic effect since I know he feels REALLY horrible about the whole thing. And it was an accident! I'm not mad even in the least even if I am in mind-numbing pain today. I kept putting off a trip to see the doc because I kept being told there was nothing that could be done. Olive Garden and a movie did help ease the pain...or mask it for awhile. Bill put a splint on but it was the worst kind, I guess. It was straight rather than curved and hindering my recovery. I learned this last night when I shelled out $50 to learn about chip fractures and splints and hot water soaks and Darvocet. My mitten does look less like a space ship now and more like a burn victim.

But it will all heal up and everything will be gravy. I don't use my right ring finger for a whole lot anyway. It sort of just hang out looking small and skinny. I wish you could see me type! You'd be bent over (and not in a good way) in hysterics. In fact...I need to stop typing. My hand muslces are kaput. Wish me luck in the whole healing process. My mom keeps throwing the word "arthritis" around which is a bummer. And these damn chip fractures and splint dressings are bummers enough.

End trasmission.

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