Thursday, July 05, 2007

Head out on the highway!

I'm leaving for Heavy Rebel tonight and it couldn't be coming at a better time. I have to get out of this place. Away from my job, my relationship, my responsibilities. Just for a little while. Sometimes you just need a break from life but you can't press pause or freeze time. So you're forced to change your situation in order to get some sort of a break. I know lots of people out there, including my ever crabby boyfriend, who looooooove to get a break. Well, I'm lucky enough to be able to escape. So I'm doing that.

It's my 5th Heavy Rebel and I'm expecting the best year ever.

The first year, I went with my ex-hubby, Lisa, and Ben. I really didn't know them. I really didn't know anyone. It took me about a day to warm up as it was a lot to take in. That was probably my least fun time. Not because it wasn't was! The years that followed just topped it, that's all. Number 4 out of 4.

Year two, I kidnapped Jen and we fell in love. She was a mere 17 and I have fond memories of the ride down...talking and laughing. We had bugs in our hotel room but didn't mind. There was too much fun going on. My mind was overloaded with fun!! But on the last day, I lost Ezra's camera and threw up the entire ride home. It was a bad ending to a great weekend. That sophomore effort ranks in at 3 out of 4.

The third year was my favorite year YET! All of my friends were there and I was really beginning to pal up with Tom and Carol who were out neighbors at the hotel. That was the year of synchronized swimming, Psychocharger, and flag theiving. I didn't throw up, NOT ONCE, the bands were coo-coo nutty and there are one gazillion photos to document the blast that was had. 1 out of 4, for sure.

Last year was excellent, of course, because I got to spend even MORE time with Tom and Carol and they were right across the hall. But it couldn't top 2005. No matter how much steak I ate or how many beers I drank, something was missing. Everyone seemed a little off. earns a steady 2 out of 4.

And this year...

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