Monday, July 23, 2007

I've got to get a move on with my life.

I don't even know where to begin. I've been a bad blogger and the fact that I call myself a "blogger", is just foolish. Regardless, I'm sure I've had plenty of filth and nastiness to blather on about but...the second you get a second, there's something else you've commited yourself to do! Therefore you have no time to serve the juicy details up in the proper manner (which would be in the manner of serving a luscious steak to a starving carnivore). I'm rambling, I know, but it's early and I'm ashamed of myself and I don't know where I want to begin and I don't know if I even WANT to begin! Do I just talk about the weekend? Do I give a short synopsis? Do I just STOP RIGHT NOW!?!

The Pussyfoot Girls are draining the life out of me while giving me new life at the same time. It's like a vampire thing. As soon as we got back from Heavy Rebel, we had 3 shows to prep for. Leroy Thompson was k-rad, per usual, if you don't count the fact that I tore a muscle in my ASS and wept on the floor of the garage. It was an incredibly clean floor, by the way so that made the moaning purely from pain and not disgust.

The Dragway 42 show was this weekend and while I wasn't looking forward to it (I have a life out side of the PFG that sometimes causes stress, anxiety, and violent tummy aches), we did a great job and secured a plethora of new fans, very, very young and very, very old! Best "I'm Shakin'" ever according to Little Jen. I concur.

But this weekend...this weekend I'm actually counting down the days for! The Old School Sinema Summer Spectacular (kill them with aliteration) is on Friday at the Pirate's Cove and we will be there as your Universal Pussyfoot Girls (I'll be Frankenstein and a hot one to boot...WITH BOOTS). Everyone should be there either to see us (or Devilibillys, Yokels, Cult of the Psychic Fetus, Cap Gun Cowboys) or just to celebrate Halloween in July and be in a local horror flick!

After that show, I'm giving myself permission to drop dead.

But I CAN'T drop dead because as I've stated, and as my record of live birth claims, I still have a LIFE. There's work and there's family and there's a boyfriend and there's friends and there's my house...none of which can be weeded out. Even vacation is stressful! This past weekend, I managed to fit in a PFG show (event, rather, since it was all the live long day), a Miss Firecracker show, and a movie date. But I had to miss seeing my favorite band with my sister, letting her down, I'm sure. I hate letting people makes me feel dirty. Unshowered.

And this weekend...heavens to Betsy! First we have the show/movie shoot, then my nephews graduation party, and then we high-tail it to Indianapolis for the race! My entire body and brain aches just soaking it all in. EVEN HAVING FUN IS WORK THESE DAYS! I'm sorry I'm bitching and moaning and groaning but I have to. Or I am bound to get a bleeding ulcer. I'm pretty sure one started eating me alive last night. Sheeeeeeeesh!

You might as well declare me a zombie once school starts.

8.25 hours until I can work out!
4 days until the Old School Sinema (PFG) show!
6 days until the Indianapolis race!
26 days until Jen and I go to Coney Island!
28 days until Miami, Key West, y Cozumel!
33 days until school starts!

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