Thursday, August 02, 2007

Chewin' on glass and a ticket stub.

Summer is almost over if you can believe that, which I can't because that means time is flying and when time flies, I get older. How's that for a run-on sentence? In seventh grade, I wrote a run-on sentence for English class that had over 1,000 words. I read it in front of the class and was the run-on sentence champion. Boy was I proud! I only remember that it had a lot to do with a limo and a girl names Lisa that I latched on to for a very short time. I hear she got pretty skanky after grade school. Too bad, especially with our Catholic upbringing and all.

I have a pretty nasty sunburn from the race in Indianapolis. Much like any other race, Bill drank too much and acted like an ass-hat. Is it sad that I'm getting used to that? Regardless, The Brickyard was my favorite track so far, our seats were perfecto, and Tony Stewart won the damn thing (and got fined $25,000 for swearing on television...Lincoln Electric represent!). It was a pretty ideal race despite my boyfriend's ass-hatness and the burning hot heat that sucked every ounce of alcohol out of my pores. Pity.

But the race wasn't even the best part of the weekend. It was everything we did on the ride home which may seem goofy to YOU, but I had my best friend and my fella and we were pretty happy. We had a Bob Evans breakfast (raspberry crepes, yum), a DQ adventure, fun at the Goasis (I pooped there. I had my own sink and the bathroom had a couch. In between the men's and women's bathroom, Johnny heard people getting in on in the family can...I don't think that's what it was designed for), Ohio Cheddar at Grandpa's Cheese Barn (!!!), The Simpson's movie and finally, and best of all, I might say, SLEEP! It was hard to come back to work. It was actually a disaster to come back to work. Booooo.

Our cruise is 18 days away and school starts right after. I had this long countdown list of things I was looking forward to doing this summer. With summer being almost over, my social calendar is deflating. I need to find things to pump it back up. Besides the cruise and school, I'll be going to Chicago with the Shoe-Lanes this fall. I want to schedule a trip to Niagara Falls, fo' sho. I bet there will be at least one more race, even if I swore that one was my last one...I can't get away from the burning rubber...we saw a car on FIRE! I need to head south (so dirty) to visit Lisa (even dirtier). I'm sure there will be Pussyfoot shows galore. And speaking of...

Check this out! You only get a little glimpse of us doing The Pop-Up Song with our umbrellas, a little of Jen's leg, a wink from Karen, and Carol's rear-view. But STILL! Here we are:

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