Friday, August 17, 2007

You drive us wild. We'll drive you crazy!

With make-up on, my favorite member of KISS is Ace Frehley. Without make-up on, my favorite member of KISS is Paul Stanley. Wait. I may be lying. My favorite member with mae-up on MIGHT be Peter Criss. Wow. Who knew what a hard decision this would be? Who knew I would ever have to make such a decision in my life-time? Which member of KISS do I like best with make-up on? My head hurts. I'm abandoning this topic, STAT!

As of 4:00p today, I am officially on VACATION! Pretty much every itty bitty second is planned out between now and when I board that airplane for the soutern most point of the USA. Tonight I have dinner and a movie plans with Johnny that have been brewing for about 3 months now. We're hitting Applebee's and then going to see SUPERBAD! I'm bringing an extra pair of panties since I know...and Johnny guarantees...this will be a laugh riot.

Then tomorrow I have to clean, clean, clean because I don't want to come back frmo vacation to filth. That will be too much of a reminder that my vacation is over and my real life is back in action. And of course I have super, sexy Saturday evening plans but they're a little hush hush.

And Sunday...holy dog shit. That's loose ends day. Finish cleaning. Finish packing. Finish grooming (waxing, shaving, painting them damn toenails). Finish watching everything on the DVR. And TRY and get a good night sleep before our 8:30a flight to MIAMI, BABY! I'm not wearing anything but a bikini for 5 days, I'll tell you what.

Miami ---> Florida Keys ---> Cozumel, Mexico ---> Miami. That's where I'll be in case you never hear from me again. Either Hurricane Dean got me or the electric monkey did. If you'd like to know if it was nice to know you, I'll tell you now that it was! But seriously folks, I have Bonine, a life jacket, 2 bikinis, my boyfriend and a bar tab. I don't think I could be any safer or better prepared!

And when I return, I gotta go back...back...back to school again! It's bye-bye fun, get your homework done.You better be in by ten! I gotta go back...back...back to school again. Whoa, whoa, I gotta go...back to school...again!

Sorry for the musical interlude. I'm actually really excited. Especially about buying new school supplies. I love fresh paper and notebooks and pens. And I also love that unlike at work, I can wear my pajamas to school every day if I so feel like it. And I don't think I'm going to share the classroom with many young recent high school graduate scumbags in my Anatomy and Physiology for Diagnostic Medical Sonograly lecture and lab. God, the prospect of note-taking and quizzes is making me feel frisky. Straight As...I promise you that much. I try not to make promises I can't keep. THAT makes ME feel like a scumbag.

And also...R.I.P. Karma. You can chew my shoes in dog heaven!

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