Friday, August 10, 2007

I've made a lot of stops all over the world.

In ten days, I'm blowing this pop stand, and no, that's not some new twisted fetish. It's a fact. In ten sweet, luscious, delicious days, I'm going on vay-cay and it couldn't come at a better time. Some people out there, even my family, has made comments about how many places I've gone this year and how much travelling I've done. How is it possible when I'm so poor and scrappy? Well, I squirrel my nuts away when I want/need something. I haven't been good about nut-hording in the past but the thought of umbrealla drinks and crystal blue waters to swim in? It was worth cutting some corners.

There's a big boat with my name on it. Well, maybe not MY name...

Last night, I did my favorite thing ever. I bought all my travel shtuff. Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, tooth paste, toothbrush, body warsh, loofa, Q-tips, THE WORKS! I bought a new fancy pair of dinner shoes and some super heavy duty sunscreen. I bought a red polka dotted shirt because nothing scream CRUISE like polka dots! I'm starting to get so antsy, couting down the days like 10 is sooooo many. Far away like Christmas. But on the flip side, I'm thinking 10 DAYS IS NOT ENOUGH! I need to clean my digs! I need to do boatloads (har-har-har) of laundry! I need to find my faovrite bikini! Why is vacation preparation so stressful!?!? WHY CAN'T I STOP SINGING THE GO-GOS???

In all actuality, my vacation starts in less than 8 days. The second I clock out of this joint next Friday, my brain and body are official in relaxation mode. Technically, I won't be able to relax until we've made it to the airport on time and then until we've made it on the boat before departure. We (Bill and I) are travelling with someone whose name just happens to be the name of a kown terrorist or fellon or something. I suspect rubber gloves and some action at the airport! My plan, honestly, is to have some fun with my fella and our friends (Sharon and Dave) and NOT talk about work and NOT worry about work. I want yummy food and umbrella cocktails and I want to dance my pants off and to swim until I resemble a prune! I've been planning this for almost 90 days now. My summer fun is due!

T-n-C DYNOMITE are being cool enough to take care of my babies, who I will miss painfully. But I got them a new recliner to cover in hair and some obnoxious new toys...the cats, not the they're loving mama lately. This has actually been a really phat summer and this is a good way to wrap things up. I don't even mind that it's been raining daily in Miami, Key West, and Cozumel. As long as I'm not the manager of delivery service for a week, a little hot sumemr rain is worth it!

Banana pancakes and daquiris, HERE WE COME!

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