Thursday, August 20, 2009

I ain't gonna miss you when you go.

I just sang...and by sing, I mean totally William Shatner style..."$100 Hangover" to my nephew. It's going to be the last song played at our wedding reception so I thought he should know what he's getting into. This was after a brief discussion about "Surfin' Bird" and why it's so rad. The last half an hour of this party is going to be utter, rockin', bubblegum-flavored chaos and I can't wait!

Moving forward.

It's really sad that some people make up stories about moving because they think moving far away makes them seem more glamerous. When in all actuality, anyone with half a brain knows they have to move far away so no one knows what a phony they are and that they have actually hit rock bottom in their pathetic lives. You know what? It's not sad. It's hysterical. It's also not about anyone who reads this. Because this pathetic person probably can't read unless it's etched into the headboard of whatever random amazing scumbag that's drilling her that week. You'd have to go from behind because that face...nightmare. Anyway, I'd be a much more mature and less self-righteous person if THAT person didn't exist and suck so bad. It's not my opinion. It's general fact.

I probably should have written that in German. Moving along.

Today is PJ Thursday. It's our new thing. Todd and I hang out and do the same thing every Thursday and have for the past X number of weeks. It's something to look forward to at the end of the work week (well, it's the end of MY week, anyway). Sometimes friends join. A lot of times it's just us. We talk, we drink, we laugh, we share cheese fries. I'm really looking forward to it tonight because with the above said nightmare person in our life, the last few days have been sucko. But that's the last I'm saying about them in English or any other language because we're done letting her affect us. Simple as that. It's PJ THURSAY!

I wish Phoebe would come home (and stay HOME but that's not my call). I'm glad Carol is on her way home and listening to "Africa" by Toto. I appreciate that Tessa doesn't freak when I have to strip down in front of her. I can wait for Johnny to learn about "Robin 101". I'm pumped that I got a few e-mails from Rocko this week. I appreciate the fact that Erin knows all good songs make you weepy. I hoping that Lisa will be here 30 days and dances to Billy Idol. I'm anxious to try a Manhattan at Stephanie's cocktail party. I wish Marie would post wedding pics already! And I think it's rad that Todd's as psyched for PJ Thursday as I am!

Have a swell weekend, y'all...whenever yours starts.


Camevil said...

One serving consumed by you and Todd of my Manhattans, and ya'll will be married to everyone else at the party. Bob's an ordained minister, licensed to perform legal weddings in the State of Ohio.

And I bear no responsibility for what might happen if you two also happen to imbibe in the bonus Monkey Glands that I'll be serving. At least it will help put all of the BS you've been dealing with behind you.

I'm here to help, ya know.

The Drunken Gnome said...

Sorry to hear about your troubles.

I swear I'll post pics soon, as soon as I get them. I have a few on Facebook.

I might have to steal your idea for PJ Thursdays.