Monday, August 17, 2009

And if the people stare, then the people stare.

More and more I am growing quite aggitated by the thought of Phoebe moving to Colorado. At first it didn't phase me much because...Phoebe moves! She's lived all over. I knew at some point she'd move again. But now, yeah, not feeling it so much. And that's just me being selfish. But such is my right! She's one of my best buds. So I've moved from acceptance to aggitation and I'm guessing anger will come next if we're sticking around the top of the alphabet. I had a horribl dream that Phoebe blamed me for losing her job (which she hasn't) and it ended in lots of screaming. I wonder what my brain is trying to work out. Oh well. I hate you, Colorado. Oh look! I'm in "anger" already!

Tattoos are really fun and I'm glad none of mine mean anything (besides the fact that I have my best friend's name, our wedding date, Todd's name, and now a zombie geisha that was a wedding gift) because that would mean that I had tattoos that mean things about people who don't mean anything anymore. Todd and Johnny will always be my partners-in-crime so it's acceptable to have meaningful tattoos involving them. And I'm just speaking about me and my feelings and my tattoos. Remember, I'm being selfish. Anyway, tattoos are fun especially when it's a tattoo DATE (and they're a wedding gift from the cutest pregnant girl EVER) and your date picks chicken off the bone for you because you because you're weird and won't eat it off the bone. Phoebe used to do that for me. Sigh.

So the weekend started solidly with cocktails at our local hangout...gotta love those Guiness girls! They sure loved us! Todd took Friday off so we went downtown and got our marriage license and did other wedding related stuff (see above), followed by dinner and cartoons. Saturday was Chill Day so we rallied early to set up the new TV and load up on snacks. After The Hangover, I Love You Man, and Helter Skelter, we called it a day. And yesterday we started the mini-kithcen remodel. Purged old stuff, put new stuff away, and got the room ready to paint! Our of all the rooms in the house, this is the biggest project so we might as well tackle it!

Oh, and if anyone recalls my recent babbling rant...God must speak Italian. It appears that the person (if you can call them that) that I loathe most on the planet is finally going to do me (and several others) a favor (without knowing it), or so they claim (not directly to me, of course). I guess sometimes dreams DO come true (even if those dreams aren't really the nicest, most healthy dreams). Farewell!

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