Thursday, August 06, 2009

As a matter of fact, you're on the right track.

So WHOSE show got a rad blurb in the arts section of Scene Magazine? And what SAME show got a mention in Cool Cleveland? Yep. MY SHOW! And it was one of only three shows that got blurbs so I'm pretty super psyched...while also increasingly nervous. I hope people realize that I am NOT an "artist". I'm sloppy. I leave pencil marks. My hand shakes. I paint crooked. If I run out of one color, I'll use another brand. I'm not trained. I'm not a professional! I'm so worried that all these regulars will show up and think I'm a fraud. I was already told I'd be put on the spot by people who like to talk to the "artist", which I am NOT! I paint things that make me LAUGH. If they don't make me LAUGH, they'll probably have a lower price tag.

Speaking of price tags...

Pricing my work is one thing that freaks me out. Sure, some of these things took me MANY hours on top of blood, sweat, and tears. And SURE, most of them are QUITE large. But do I deserve $100 or $75 for some of them? For a riled up piece of bacon holding weaponry? Dave from Low Life seems to think so! I think I was just thinking too little of myself and what I've done. I worked hard...and I could use some scratch. So I need to rethink my pricing methods and give myself a little credit. This will most likely be my ONLY art show. I want to make the most of it. Ugh...and naming them? I better not have any babies or they might not be named for weeks. That's another story.

Todd and I have a feeling that a lot of people will be there. Dave does, too. And it was fun to hang the art with him because he's as super psyched as Todd and I are. How could you NOT be super psyched about a show that has ZERO elements of seriousness? It is the epitome of LOW BROW! I mean, "Angry Breakfast" and a topless Snow White? Mix that with wine, beer, Good-n-Fruitys, a punk rock DJ, and The coolest one-woman band EVER...I see nothing but good times in our future. And our future is TOMORROW! From 7:00 - 11:00 at Low Life, a block or so over from the Beachland!

And while I have this opportunity...I ALWAYS have this opportunity since this is MY blog...I want to thank some people. I want to thank Dave for taking a chance on "Cannibalicious!" and being so super psyched. Thanks to Phoebe because without her, nonw of this would have been possible. She says she just introduced Dave to my shtuff, but I never would have/could have done this without her. Thanks to Carol for being NOTHING but encouraging and for offering up her rockin' services for the night. And the MOST thanks to Todd for buying supplies, washing brushes, making sure I was fed and watered, for hanging paintings, giving me hand massages and constructive criticism, and for telling me all last night how proud he is. That's pretty damn cool if I do say so myself.

And thanks in advance to everyone for SHOWING UP.


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