Monday, March 31, 2008

I'm as human as the next girl.

Boyfriend. I've got one. As of Friday night/Saturday morning. It might seem too early after my previous disaster of a relationship (I did love the dude, don't get me wrong...he just couldn't love and/or be nice to me so, what's a gal to do???) BUT you can ask any of my very close friendies...we have chemistry coming out of our bloody eye-sockets. And I mean bloody like GROSS but bloddy like British. I know what I'm doing, or GOD I hope I do. He's bad-ass. It's funny since we both had mini-crushes on each other last summer and POW! He's my guy now. I'm his ace. We're really happy and geeked so please be happy and geeked for us. Yesterday morning he woke up and said, "If we're going to spend the next 60 years together, I better bring a toothbrush over".


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