Thursday, March 13, 2008

Man, I swear she's bad and she knows.

Today, John "Dynomite" Jackson refered to masturbating as "having a Battle Royale with your nether regions". After hearing that, I'm pretty sure I can just puke and die and have zero regrets.

I may have to pause so I can poop. Better put some Justin Timberlake on.

Recently, I heard someone say "Pants-Off Dance-Off" and I loved it. For crying out loud, lyrical genius. People have been saying funny things left and right recently and it's been hitting me square in the laugh-center of the brain. Like rotten tuna fish.

2 days until the St. Patrick's Day Massacre at The Sac. I'm pretty riled up for this show. Sure, my costume hasn't arrive, I need to dye my hair, and there's all kinds of odds-n-ends that need to be done first. But I don't care if I have to show up in a garbage bag slathered in blood, it's going to be a-mazing. Sho 'nuff.

I really only have some to blather. You won't hold this in your brains for the next five seconds. I could talk about my mixed-up, flipped-up life but why? Been at the job a month now. Been broken up for other a month. Registering for summer. Switching majors. BORING.

What's not boring? Johnny and Phoebe. They blow minds for a living.

I have to shower now. I really don't want nayone getting familiar with my scent. It's not cool to have people know when you're about to enter a room. Like this broad I met recently that "marinates in perfume". Not classy, lassy. Going to take a swim in my tub,

I love the following people and by love, I mean, you KICK BALLS:

The Shoe Lanes
Queen B

All winners in my black book. And what a buncha sexy bitches!!!!!!

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