Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Well I never, never, never had to ask before.

I have a crush. I hear that looking at us was "like watching a romantic comedy". Oh God, crushes are awesome and mind blowing and I wish everyone could have them and that they'd last fo'eva. All those weird butterflies in your chest and the pit of your stomach. I hate saying butterflies. So sorority girly. So...I'll say...I have wolves. I have robotic wolves in my chest and the pit of my stomach. I didn't plan on having a crush this soon after my break-up (today would have been our anniversary, by the way, but we didn't make it...which I don't think anyone was too shocked about) but I guess sometimes crushes sort of just show up. Like herpes. But less horrifying. So that's the bottom line. I have a crush. And he makes my heart beat really fast and he likes kissing me and he'll have thumb wrestling battles that make my hand bleed and he has a mohawk I can hold on to and he used the term "snuggle nap". I have a crush and the bile is rising up in the back of my throat. Its rad-ass. Stay tuned!

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