Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Understand...this is just the beginning.

The most recent episode of "Cleveland Needs Phoebe" was titled "Lacey's Best Day Ever" and guest stared ROCKO! In all actuality, it should have been a 3-parter because it was really 'Lacey's Best Weekend Ever". In fact, the good stuff just keeps on trucking along! I'm sure you don't want to hear the play-by-play of my weekend but you also don't want to hear people talk about wanting to cry tears of job during anal. But you do. So sit back, relax, and be jealous of my killer weekend. And of my friends, those dirty, drunk tramps-n-sluts!

Friday was just a blur from start to finish. I RUSSSSSHED home from work to finish my outfit for the Rock-n-Roll Dance Party at The Sac, had to finish my solo dance (SMUT CITY), eat and transform into Patti Cake. It was a lot to cram in to just a few short hours and it wasn't the sort of cramming I wanted to do...SPRING FEVER. But the dance party was by far my favorite Sac show. I'm not going to gush-n-gush, but my friends and my hot boyfriend are mind blowers. Phoebe surprised me with ROCKO and my panties needed changing. I had fun on top of fun on top of fun. My fella drove me home after I danced all night and we...played Twister. Or something kinda like it...many, many, many times. Lucha VA VOOM, I must say.

The next morning, the sun was out, and I was madly "in like". We went to The Sac to pick up some props and parted ways. I met up with Phoebe Jeans and Rocko for more food than I could possibly shake a stick at and I laughed uncontrollably the whole time. And said "anal" and "vag". A lot. Then we decided to just spend time together and had THE BEST DAY EVER! We went to Shoparooni (I bought a stuffed moustache), drove around Lakewood looking at big digs, got ice-cream, toured the Metroparks, went to the park and sat on the pier. It was phenominal. I loves those 2 kids so much and nothing made me happier than spending quality time with them. It's good to have Phoebe back in my life. And Rocko...heart-go-throb. Then it was another mad dash to rock out with the PFG in Painesville. It was the first time Weasel had seen us since we became the hot tickets in town. And it was RAD! He was supportive and good to my pals and everything just felt right! MADLY "in like". MADLY! And those PFG...I love those saucy bitches! Especially that Carol High Hair. What a fox.

And Sunday was ALSO incredible. I made serious tracks all over town with Tom and Carol! Went to The Sac (can't get away from that joint), went to The Mission, ate some lunch, drank some beers, filled hours with ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-chatter and malted hopps-n-barely. Amazing. And tied the whole weekend package up with movies-n-beer with my guy. It was what I needed. In fact...I just have to stop talking about it. It was that good. I feel warm in the cheeks.

At another time, I'll tell you why last night was the "BEST SOMETHING I CAN'T REALLY TALK ABOUT ON THE INTERNET". And then I'll get sweaty and blush.

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