Friday, April 18, 2008 a snake.

Robotic wolves? Robotic zombies? SOMETHING is trying to free itself from my chest cavity. It feels like my entire thoracic region has been pounded on by something stronger than fists but less aggressive than sledge hammers. And oh the rainbows of junk that I'm coughing up every 5 minutes. It's a beautiful and some what horrific vision that just needs to STOP! And while I'm dying to get better...or dying from whatever heinous disease I've procured this week...I'm sort of hoping to keep this sort of raspy/squaky thing going on in voice box. My fella likes it. Raspy voice brings on the kissing. Ooh la la! And...cue the vomitting. The vommitting of rainbow colored junk from my fucking LUNGS!!!

To talk of happier and more nude times...everyone who is anyone and even people who are nobody should come to The Sac tomorrow for The Pajama Jamboree! Sac shows are my most favorite thing to do, second only to the lap sitting and Bouncing Souls listening that sometimes goes down. The Sac gives me a chance to just be someone else for awhile and rock out, which, let's face it, I was born to do! And in my pajamas no less!!! Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE pajamas more than I love licking blood off my victim's faces. All my friends are there and everyone leaves their baggage at the door. Pussyfoot Girls leave sweat on the stage. Some people leave blood on the streets. All I know is that I love it...more than I love general anesthetic. Anyone who knows me also knows that I have a problem with that. We all have our vices.

So...blather. I'm in a generally bitchin' mood today and I don't know if it's because of the weather or my fucking fox of a boyfriend or all my awesome friends (especially, most recently, Phoe-Bizzle) or the prospect of how rad-ass the Sac show will be. I know it's not my illness. That's the right hot poker up my pie right now. Hopefully one more night of maxin' and chillaxin' will have me up on my paws and ready to dazzle you with my cute-as-a-button-ness. I'm going all Chrissy Snow from Three's Company tomorrow night. You don't want to miss it. And you don't want to miss me getting HIGH FIVE tattooed on my knuckles. I love all you sluts and your after-sex smells.


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