Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Can't remember last time you felt like livin.

I'm seriously starting to think that my body is cursed. I'm sick...AGAIN! Luckily, this time, none of my guts and/or organs are trying to escape. But my head feels like a balloon and I'm waiting for it to take flight. Yesterday at work, I was fortunate enough to have to rap a full sized spar in 3 pieces which meant a whole lotta bubble wrapping. It doesn't take a genius to bubble wrap. It was heavenly. I didn't have to think or speak or do anything. Just pop, pop, pop that bubble wrap! Today, unfortunately for all, there are things to be done so I can't turn my brain off. I have 4 short days to buck up before the Pajama Jamboree, which I have really been looking forward to. Send soup! Send meds! Send a shoebox full of twenties!

On the upside, since there is NO UPSIDE to fluid constantly running our of your face and down your throat and various colors of junk being hacked up...I could just vomit after saying all that. Now what the HELL was I saying? Oh yeah! Upside! My boyfriend could kick your boyfriend's ass...but he wouldn't because he has just the right balance of sweet-n-tuff. I have never felt so lukcy and fortunate. Phoebe says she has no doubt that if we ran off tomorrow and got married we'd be together forever. How BOSS is that!?!?! K-RAD! I was worried that this might have all happened too speedy-like and that it would end up exploding in our faces with damgerous results! But Carol says WHEN IT'S RIGHT, IT'S RIGHT! She knew the night she met Tom that he was the one. I felt the same...about Todd, not that Tom isn't one handsome devil. Future is looking bright!

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