Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And this last mile, I travel with you.

Starting blogs is always awkward. Like the first time you have sex with somebody. How do you jump right in there without making an ass-hat of yourself? The first time I had sex with the last person I had sex with is a little blurry. The second time I had sex with the last person I'm going to have sex with was REALLY blurry. But the third time...mind-blowing! So the beginning is iffy and shaky and scared and all sealed up and ready to BURST! But by the end, you're lubed up and pretty much a pro. I have no idea why I decided to phrase it all like that. I was going to use juicier, nastier, filthier terms but I held back. No need to make you toss cookies straight from your stomach acids into your pretty laps. I'm a rambler today.

OH! Here's something that will make you puke up a lung...

I LOVE MY BOYFRIEND! Fuck. It's incredible. I've never felt so alive. I know you shouldn't base how alive you feel on another human being. You should probably base it on a functioning brain and a beating heart. Actually...just the beating heart part. It's really all you need. Regardless, I was sort of Frankensteining it through life the past few years and today...POW! I realized I am totally and completely alive and in love. I'm appreciating things so much more. I'm laughing harder and more than I have in a long time. I want to take any negativity I have and turn it into something positive...because that's what Todd deserves. He's giving me a second chance at life, in a way. I want to make sure every second he spends with me knocks his socks off. Cause damn...he knocks mine off the second he walks through that door. I don't want to be some cheerleading sap-ass but how did I get so lucky?? My breath is taken away daily. Rad.

I'm psyched about so many things besides Todd but honestly...I can only focus on how jazzed and happy I am right now. I feel like I'm in junior high but without all that ridiculous period and puberty nonsense. I promise to give you more content later because a lot has happened and you want in on it, beieve me. Love all of your guts!

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guest starring ROCKO said...

"Lacey loves her new boyfriend...he's ever so dreamy..."