Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I know what comfort you are.

I smell like a Hall's. I'd almost rather smell like a foot. Or the foot or a skunk. I'm a big fan of the metholyptussy smell of a Hall's but my throat feels like I've been washing down razor blades with high-proof Vodka. Things have been so dandy recently that it would just figure that an illness is headed in my direction. I'm trying to think positive and work all the preventative measures but all I can think about is the bed I just crawled out of and the Chinese chicken soup with extra, extra noodles that I slurped down last night. I'm really not a good sick-o.

Outside of the sore, stiff, icky, sneezey...I had a gnarly past few days. My Friday get-together was more than I could have imagined since an impromptu improv sing along busted out! Miss Firecracker even sang a few ditties. The food was great, the company was better, and the beer was a-flowin'. I slept in and I slept well, even if I did sleep alone (it happens when boyfriends have the sick-os).

Some might say I wasted my Saturday but I say I embraced it like a gay man does a fur coat. I slept in, I ate lunch, I raped the DVR and the Netflix, I slept some more, I had dinner, I got a package from secondspin.com with 7 movies in it (I wish Meg-Dog and I still talked to I could say "Todd Sparrow" and someone would care), I vegged, I robotted-it-up, I slept some more. It was pretty much exactly what I needed. I didn't leave the house! I didn't shower! I didn't even poop! Rock!

Sunday was a full on adventure. It was one of the best Sundays I've had since Becky lost her marbles and moved to C-Bus. I played Easter Bunny and dropped off some baskets for Bill's kiddies. Sure, I may have been move Playboy Bunny that fluffy bunny but they got candy and toys so...rock, right? Then I had brunch with mi familia because my mommy recently turned 6-0! She had a good time and that's what mattered. I had a goat cheese and asparagus omlette, and that was pretty important, too. After a brief visit to my castle, I met the Shoe-Lanes and Switchblade for tomato basil soup and "Blades of Glory". SNOWFLAKE! Fantastic. I headed over to Bill's where we had a few cocktails, watched the tube, and mussed the sheets. *blush*

And even though I got zero to no sleep and was dragging all day at the place that employs me, Monday was pretty swell, too. And Mondays are usually the equivalent of getting vaccinated (maybe that doesn't sound bad but I HATE vaccinations...weep) or having digestive issues in public. It consisted of television, Chinese chow, and lots of laughing. Good times!

But now I smell like a Hall's. Wah.

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