Friday, April 13, 2007

Look for danger. Wind up nowhere.

Have a spooktacular and terrifying Friday the 13th everyone! Spill some blood on the streets. Let the rivers run red. Have a heaping helping of gelatinous brains. Murder a girl taking a shower in the dark. Find some unsuspecting kids getting in on in a cabin and/or tent. Or just eat some ice-cream drenched in fake blood as practice for becoming the next Canadian Dracula.

For some reason, the first thing that popped in my head regarding the date had nothing to do with a deformed man in a hockey mask and a summer camp filled with fashion challenged, horny teens. Initially, I thought about cocktails. Then I thought about how Oliver Peck is obsessed with the number 13 so every Friday the 13th, Kat von D gets a 13 tattooed on her somewhere. Not that I'm in to Kat von D as much as I'm into the date but she has one on her earlobe and I think it's adorable. And I mean adorable. It's cute. Happy Friday the 13th Oliver and Kat.

To keep with the theme, let's talk about blood-n-gore. Bill's face swelled up like Sloth from "The Goonies" due to an abscessed tooth. He was in unbelieveable amounts of pain so I had to play nurse. I also got to see a cereal bowl full of blood on the bedroom floor which doesn't happen every day. I only looked at the bowl for a split second but it was long enough to see bloody strings of infection swimming around in it. Delicious!

So the abscessed tooth has gone to tooth Heaven (and if you know me, you know teeth out of the mouth TERRIFY ME), the swelling has gone down, and the agony he suffered is subsiding. I've truly never seen anyone in so much pain...especially such a tuff guy! So respect your teeth or they'll come back to bite you in the face! There's a horror movie right there...disrespected teeth attack a small and toothless town without flouride. I'm all a quiver!

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