Monday, April 09, 2007

Well the boy's not right in the head.

Happy Birthday, Hef! Who loves ya, baby?

I officially hate Easter along with every other holiday that I previously hated. I don't care if it's the day Jesus cracked out of his Easter egg and was born. I'm over it. But I'm all about the Jigsaw and seeing Miss Firecracker live. A-maz-ing. Mind-blowing. Vagina-shaking.

I did get an Easter basket which was a little bit of a stunner. And it was beautiful. It had 4 stuffed multi-colored bunny Peeps, Goobers, Snow Caps, an M&M egg, a Tony Stewart air freshener, a Jamie McMurray car, a new skeleton key (R.I.P. old one...sniff sniff), a Miller Lite t-shirt and hat. It's fun to get an Easter basket. It was a treat.

I thought I'd have a lot more to ramble on about today but no. The Jigsaw was an amazing time, Saturday was low key and involved a lot of sleeping, and Easter welcomed me with a flat tire and a boyfriend with a bad attitude. But I'm looking forward. Today is pay day so some bills can get paid, it's Hef's birthday so I can eat cake if I want to, and The Pussyfoot Girls are rocking the Beachland next month with Southern Culture On the Skids.

Life isn't too bad while at the same time rotting hardcore. Go figure.

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