Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I never had a thing to prove til there was you.

Have an incredible weekend? Check!

I just realized that I saw T-n-C Dynamite 3 times this weekend! WHOA!

Friday I had a date to go to Dave and Buster's and there were shots involved...woo wee! Then Bill and I hit Phoebe's art show at Visible Voice books. He bought art. I didn't and I should have bcause now the piece I want is GONE! But the book store (and the Phoebe) was pretty bad ass and I'm going back next week to load up on new reading material...possibly a book with "poopy" in the title. Tom and Carol were there and the book store supplied PBR and brie cheese. Fantastic. We felt like real trendy scenesters being at an art show in a bookstore with brie cheese...until I couldn't figure out how to flush the toilet.

Saturday there were sleeping pills...and sleeping...and dinner with T-n-C and Johnny Switchblade. There would have been a trip to the movies to see "Grindhouse" but we suddenly all got very old and ended up going home and putting on pajamas. And some of us watched Degrassi: The Next Generation season 4. I really wanted to see "Grindhouse".

SO I DID! ON SUNDAY! With T-n-C and Johnny Switchblade. It was like Saturday part 2. Version 2. Take 2. I don't care if it's trendy to say so, but Grindhouse was the best movie I've ever seen to date. My heart was still pounding full-throttle when it was over. Even my hatred for Rose McGowan was stomped after I saw this movie!!! And Marley Shelton?? SWOON! It had EVERYTHING a good movie should have: trash, kitsch, blood, guts, gore, MONDO GORE, terribly fake guts, terribly fake trailers (Werewolf Women of the SS!), humor, drama, intensity, chicks, nudity, terror, sex, MISSING REELS, the world's best soundtrack AND cast...A-MAZ-ING! I don't care how stupid it is, I'm going to see it again. Hopefully with Carol...again. And hopefully hopped up on cocktails because that is the only thing that could make this movie more unbelieveably bad-ass. You could almost say it was rad-ass. Certainly k-rad.

It was a wonderful weekend which, and I don't want to jinx myself, has thus far been followed up by a loverly week. Puff and I cooked dinner together and raped the television. Yesterday we had the unusual pleasure of spending a Tuesday together so we went out for cocktails with some work folks. I somehow conned him into seeing "Grindhouse" this weekend...WEE! I think the conning was actually me offering to pay for the outting. And I'm down with that. He needs some culture.

And I need to work.

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