Friday, March 30, 2007

And that's what everyone's talkin' about!

I am hosting a small and sensual get together tonight and I'm not sure whether I'm more pumped about that or about the fact that I'm eating cottage cheese mixed with blueberry pie filling! That was a long and pointless sentence but I'm really excited about my low calorie, high taste breakfast. My taste buds are all riled up. Regardless...

My event tonight started out as a game night because I wasn't really fulfilling my game night requirement on my resolution list. But now it's developed into a good, ol' fashioned beer drinking fiesta. It won't be much of a fiesta without Air Supply but Sugar banned them for some reason. She just hasn't been properly exposed. And it's not like I'm also busting out the vinyl Air Supply at every gathering. Just when I'm setting a mood. But I forgive you Sugar for forbidding them. You're still every woman in the world to me.

My fella isn't coming tonight which is disappointing. I suppose I could force him to attend, ear ache and all, but...meh. I'll just have to have enough fun for the both of us. But I won't eat enough mozzarella sticks for the both of us. That could be both dangerous and disgusting.

What am I rocking on 2007 Resolution List thus far???

3. Call Bill on his bullshit - maybe this affects my "let the little things go" resolution but it's just something I have to do. Maybe I sound like a nag but...meh.

4. Treat others the way I expect to be treated - I've mended some fences...tried to be there for people as much as I can. Trying to be a better pal.

11. Bust my hump at my job proving that I'm worth more money - I got a raise so this one is officially checked off!!!

13. Spend more time with my friends - tonight...duh.

18. Do some home improvements and keep the joint clean - I painted my kitchen sun shiney yellow, the carpet on the stairs has been ripped up, the cats got new litter boxes, and my closet gave up 4 bags full of garbage...I can see the floor of it again!

19. Avoid drama - word.

20. Continue to NOT jog/run and continue to HATE joggers/runners - word, squared.

21. Go to the movie theater more - we saw "Wild Hogs" and I'm hoping to go see "Blades of Glory" tomorrow.

24. Totally rape Netflix for all it's worth - I currently have "Happy Feet", "The Holiday", and "Turistas" PLUS I upped my account back to 5 movies at a time. It's my guilty pelasure!

26. Have a super mega fun Vegas vacation - DONE! Another one checked off!

29. Keep the high five alive - I high-five whenever I get the chance. People hate it but I love it.

31. Buy more books and read them - I just finished "Scar Tissue" by Anthony Kiedis and I'm doubling up on "Running With Scissors" and "King Dork".

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