Thursday, March 15, 2007

Weeeeeeeeee're back!

I'm not thrilled to be back at work...not because I'm not into my job but because I was just in V-v-v-vegas and I'm returned to piles and piles and mountains of papers and I feel like their mocking me because they know how much I have to do to catch up. But I have to blather about my vay-cay before I statrt confusing what happened on my vacation and what happebed int he blockbuster film "Ocean's 11".

We had an uneventful flight featuring the film "Casino Royale" and a fairly tasty chicken patty. Getting the luggage (I'm glad mine was hot pink) and the rental car was an adventure but then we were off! And let me just say, God bless valet parking! Our hotel was, ya know, our hotel. You barely spend any time there so why shell out extra dough? That was my initial thought process but I can honestly say that was probably my last say at Excalibur. I'm ready to upgrade. I couldn't believe we were there...and staying on the 13th floor, nonetheless. We did a little walking, got buzzed, and had the best Pizza Hut I've ever had. Viva!

On Sunday, we hit a buffet (best mashed potatos EVER are at teh Excalibut Roundtable Buffet...mark those words, bitches), and it was off to the race! Sure, when we got to the gates we discovered that Las Vegas Speedway is one of the ONLY tracks to not allow coolers so there went $20 of beer down the drain. Our seats were a-maz-ing, the race was awesome, but it was hot. Burning hot with no protection from good, ol' sunny. I forgot to screen up (stupid Irish jackass) and the entire right side of my face and neck sizzled along with both arms, my chest and my knees! Sunburn knees and Vegas don't mingle well. Post race, we chilled, regrouped, hit a few key places, and chowed at the Rainforest Cafe. It was a pleasant day.

This is so the "What I Did On my March Vacation" version. Sorry. Too much happened and no one wants to hear about what went on behind closed doors of the 38 car at M&M World. I'm going light for your own sake. You'll thank me later.

Monday was my favorite day of all and I have 150 pictures to prove it. First, Bill went skydiving. We have a video and it makes his face looks like one of those wrinked dogs. It was on his list of things to do before he died and I'm glad I was there...and that he didn't die. After that, we ate and then we walked the ENTIRE strip! Hit every casino, gambled, drank, went to the wax museum, hung out at Treasure Island, drank, shopped for our pals, took pictures, goofed off, drank, saw lions and tigers and various other Vegas landmarks, and drank. We stumbled back to our room and I passed out. It was typical Vegas.

Our flight Tuesday was in the afternoon so we took full advantage of our rental car after we checked out. We went to the Hooters casino (yes, my boy collects shot glasses from Hooters...we are more opposite that you could imagine) and then to the Palms! I took pictures of the bunny head, teh Playboy store and club, and Hugh Heffner Dr. I bought a tank top and Bill even bought me a Girls Next Door bobble head (it's and smart). He also bought me a casino chip from M&M World and an Owl necklace. And probably loads ofother stuff. Regardless of how spoiled I am...we ate lunch at the NASCAR cafe which was LAME but the food was good and the there was horror!

SO MUCH TRAFFIC! We had to refuel the car, drop it off (total nightmare), get shuttled to the airport (nightmare number 2), and all the while, Bill is barking at anyone and anythign he can because not only are we millimeters away from missing our flight but his stomach is trying to escape from his body. It was rotten. We made it with 5 minutes to space. And the flight home was just annoying yet featured "A Night at the Museum" whcih was good and some sort of beef sub which was NOT good. I was glad to be home and seeing Phoebe's smiling face at the baggage claim. And then there was MORE horror!

Stuff was stolen from my luggage. $247 worth of stuff to be exact. Make-up, lotions, products, contacts, burth controll, and on and on and on. Worst of all, the 100 year old skeleton key that Bill gave me for Sweetest Day. Gone. I have a claim filed with TSA so now I just have to wait as we go through the steps. But my key...damn. I cried a lot. Couldn't sleep. Not the best homecoming.

But we wrapped things up yesterday by eating fondue for lunch and seeing "Wild Hogs", my first theater movie of 2007. Bill was extra sweet and comforting. Overall, our vacation was a success with just a few bumps here and there. I came home with $20 in my wallet so life is good. I'm sure there are multitudes of hilarious and terrifying stories from my trip but this is the basic outlines. We flew, we raced, we dove, stripped, we returned, we relaxed, and now we're back.


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