Saturday, March 10, 2007

Don't Know When I'll Be Back Again.

No more days to Vegas! We're leaving TODAY!

Oh my flipping fluffy flapjacks! My bags are fully stocked and I'm ready to go! I have my comfy plane clothes laid out, my Ipod ready to rock, my nutty Anthony Kiedis book ready to read, and...oh my GOD, I'm going to Vegas TODAY! With the man I'm a lovin' on! We've been planning this trek since November. It took so much work to get everything to fit in everythign we wanted to do and make it flow nicely together. Even Bill told me how proud he was of all the effort I put in to make things are easy as possible. I have the tickets (we're already checked in), the car reservation, the sky diving reservation, maps to and from everywhere we're headed, the race tickets...anything and everything we could need to make vacation chillaxable. Yeah, I'm going to give myself a pat on the ass. I worked hard. I deserve an ice-cream cone!

I'll miss you all a ton, fo' real. It's sometimes hard to be away and wonder what you're missing (but this is VEGAS...nothing I'm missing compares to free drinks and pirate shows). And I must give major props to Carol High Hair and Phoebe Bean for being our limo drivers to and fro. That's pretty killer or you two sexy bitches to give up portions of your day to cart around vacationers. When I'm not one, I hate vacationers. I'm all jealous of the fun that awaits them. But guess what? This time...FUN AWAITS ME! I wasn't excited fact, I was pretty damn depressed...but now that I have the tickets in my hand, a bag full of skimpy lingerie and brand new flip flops, and a man whose back I have to it time yet!?!?

See you on Thursday with pictures and battle scars! Hold down the fort!

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