Thursday, November 09, 2006

I don't want to forget how your voice sounds.

Pussyfoot Girls at Chuck's Steakhouse in Akron tonight. Don't know who we're playing with and don't how much it costs. I do know that we're first and I do know the night starts a-rockin'at 10:00p. And I also hope they pay me in steaks. I'm not sure how the other girls will feel about that but it will suit me just fine. I'd like to wear a bikini out of steaks but I'll have to settle for wearing my new plaid skirt. I don't want wild dogs chasing after me, after all. Though the skirt my illicit the same response. There's only one wild dog I want chasing after me! Drat! My plan has been foiled!

Long story short (too late!), Chuck's Steakhouse tonight. Be there in your underwear.

What did I do this weekend, you may ask? Ummmmm...good question. Days off seem to blend together as of late. I know I showered. That sort of sticks out. Ah...I went out for cocktails for my gentleman caller. It was a pretty rockin' time. We followed that up with pizza, more beer, and Yahtzee before we retired for the evening. I like to retire. I especially like retiring after winning 2 Yahtzee games in a row. I want to be as good at Yahtzee as I am at Uno. Some people choose to call me a "fucker" while we play since I'm so darn good! Don't be jealous.

SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY! No, not monster trucks! I thought I'd be participating in a Pussyfoot photo shoot but that got the axe when Carol felt like someone was using her head as a bowling ball. Instead, I put on Jimmie Johnson pajama pants and a Jimmie Johnson hat and watched him get beat my Tony Stewart in Texas. I wasn't in Texas. They were. It was a good race since Kasey Kahne went down in flames. Not real flames. I'm probably just confusing you and I doubt you care about the race. You might care about the fact that I never got off the couch and was served dinner and beer all evening. But you might be jealous that I was such a pampered pooch!

I love weekends. I'm glad we get to have one all over again starting tomorrow!

However, I hate unwarranted cable disconnections. I'll have no access to e-mail, My Space, blogs, my Netlix queue, nudie pics, my bank account, life-giving TELEVISION...nothing...until next week when they come to hook me back up. Selfish jerks, separating a gal from her true loves. Any way, if you don't hear from me, I'm not MIA. I'm just communiaction challenged for the time being. VIVA!

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