Monday, January 12, 2009

I want to be with with you night and day

I have a total crush on the girl from the commercials. The one who suggests you spend the money you save on a nice, tricked-out name tag. I believe her name is Flo in the commercials. Anyway, I think her voice is adorable and I'm really into her heavy eyeliner-n-lipstick...and they way her hair is half 50s stylie and half disheveled. She reminds me a lot of a girl I know who works at The Mission. Just adorable all around. Even when she's saying something snarky or negative...she sounds so upbeat and psyched. So...there. Now you can think of me any time you see a commercial.

This weekend was weird. Everything felt "off", if you will. With a whiskey sour and a Teen Idols mix, I painted a 2 canvas painting that I'm really psyched about. I'll be sad to see it go...if it goes. If not, I'll find a nice place for it and masturbate to it and/or drool all over it. I don't know why I'm so in love with the painting...I just feel really good about it. I felt really good when I went over to my future in-laws house and saw my deer paitning hanging in a really bad-ass spot. I got the warm-n-fuzzies for a second.

Regardless of my artistic accomplishments...and the 5 pounds I was a weird weekend. I can't explain it. I'm not going to try. The damn little black raincloud was hovering again. I'm just having these wacky amounts of stress and no skills to deal with it all! And I hurt my back which isn't helping matters. I'm just a big, jumbled mess...with a slightly smaller ass and thinner mug! Tessa has been a great cheerleader this week, keeping my head above water. I think when you bottle certain things up...or just don't bother to deal with them at're bound to explode eventually. I think I'm slowly leaking or something. Hopefully I mellow soon. I want to enjoy 2009! I want to enjoy planning our wedding (caterer tasting thisn Saturday...holy fucking YUM, am I psyched). And it's almost my BIRTHDAY which is my favorite day of the entire YEAR! Things have to level out.

"Radar Love" is playing. That's a step in the right direction.

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