Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Light up a cigarette. Take it to bed.

I haven't written in a week. That's because there's nothing to write but motherfucking horror stories. Life is just feeling all kinds of dumb right now. Life has been upside-down DUMB this week. I've had to deal with dummies and I've felt like a dummy (fuck that noise, ya know?) and I'm just irritated through and through. Dumb fucking week. And it's BIRTHDAY WEEK!!! This is supposed to be pure insanity! I don't just celebrate the DAY. I celebrate THE WEEK! And I'm doing a damn shabby job of it, yo.

But it should perk up tomorrow. At quittin' time, my 3 day birthday weekend begins. Rumor around the campfire is somr people from work may be hittin' a local watering hole after we clock out to celebrate mine and Dan's respective births. And on I have to clean. So what? It's cleaning for a good reason. BECKY IS COMING TO VISIT SATURDAY! Holy fucking dog shit. Amazing reason to clean. And then Saturday night...celebration city. If my mind isn't TOTALLY blown outta my SKULL...I can make it to family birthday funday Sunday.

And then 30 will be a-go.

Can I get a WHAT! WHAT! Or something else thuggish?


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phoebe marie said...

i hope you're having the BEST THURSDAY EVER! and then that that continues into a lovely friday. and then and ONLY then... a rad birthday.