Friday, January 04, 2008

Time, time ticking on me.

HAPPY 2008, you silly bastards! I'm already loving this year.

Now, as promised, I am going to blog your brains out this year. I slacked hardcore in 2007 but that's probably because it sucked Wolfman's nards. I'm so over 2007. I'm not saying that there weren't good parts. There were amazing parts. Heavy Rebel, Las Vegas, lots of races, lots of movies, lots of laughs. And lots of Japanese food!! But overall, 2007 was like one long and messy menstrual period. I should have seen that coming when I checked myself out of the hospital against medical advice just so I could have a party that was ruined by idiots and burst pipes. 2007 started with a toilet full of drunk people's hopes and dreams and I happily flushed them!

So here's to 2008 which is going swimmingly thus far but I don't want to jinx it. All I know is that my master plan is to wrap 2008 up saying that it was a mighty fine year. One for the record books, indeed. And I hope all y'all are with me in trying to make this leap year a winner. I'm too old for drama but not too old to radiate fun from every orifice. A lot of people didn't make New Year's Resolutions this year but I did. I made 10. 10 that are nice and tidy and hard to screw up and I plan to stick with them. Keeping them in mind will make my year even more hardcore rad. I really think y'all should stop being silly and make a resolution or two. Look at them as motivation to be awesome!


1. Kick major ass in schooly - I'm taking 6 classes (Intro to Sonography, Physical Concepts in DMS, Applied Algebra and Math Reasoning, Human Biology, Bioethics II, Patient Care Skills) and I'm still in the Honors Program. I want straight As. I want to blow minds! I want to eat your brain and grain your knowledge!

2. Avoid drama and dramaholics - This worked out well in 2007.

3. Invest as much time as possible in Shark Attack! Records and promoting HO59 - Shark Attack! Records has been a long time coming. I haven't been able to do as much as I've wanted because of school and finals being scheduled at the same time as the CD arrival. But I'm dedicated to kicking ass for the lable. I need to finish the website and then get as many Horror of 59 CDs out there as possible. It' a major goal.

4. Learn how to play my guitar and accordion - The guitar was an awesome gift and the accordion was the best thing I got out of the divorce. I told Tom that by year's end, our accordion band will play 3 songs and I plan to write 2 originals on my house-warming guitar. They'll probably be filthy or dumb.

5. Be as involved as possible with the PFG and Jump In The Sac - They both give me a reason to be scantilly clad and party. I owe them.

6. Get a new and more fulfilling jobby job - Working out the kinks in the ol' resume and hitting the dusty new job trail. I can't cry on my way to work. It's unbecoming and I refuse to cry because of my JOB! They're paying me big bucks to devastate me! I'm over it. Though I do like my office...

7. Use and abuse all my new workout equipment regularly - So far, so good. The bike is the best thing that's every happen to me. The new HUGE workout center thing-a-ma-bob that makes Curves useless to me hasn't arrived yet but when it cha cha! I'm planing on wearing really tiny shorts every day at Heavy Rebel. And tube socks. I'm getting crazy in 2008! Anyway, so far, I'm back to getting toned and I've dropped bread and soda so I'm on my way! I like to be foxy.

8. STRESS LESS - Plain and simple.

9. GET NAKED MORE - *blush*

10. Give everyone second chances and the benefit of the doubt - I'm followng one of those commandment thingies. I don't want people to judge me, especially people who don't know me very well. So I'm giving others the same courtesy. And people who have pooed on me in the past...well...I'm giving everyone a clean slate in 2008. The past is the past the the future looks bright ahead.
Good times! See you soooon!


Dane of War said...

#s 2, 8, 9, and 10 I can definitely get on board with. Good luck to ya!

Devil Dick said...

i like #9...