Thursday, January 10, 2008

They try to kick it. Their feet fall asleep.

I started rambling on and on about how excited I am for the party taking place at my house on Saturday. A majority of my ramble-n-blather revolved around how I could just orgasm over my newly sexified, partified, adrenaline-enducing basement (or "Boom Boom Room" as Ricky tastelessly dubbed it). But nothing I can put in to words can describe how much potential this par-tay has. And nothing short of being there can fill you up the way my basement can. It's just that powerful. It's like a hot pink, alcohol-filled, twinkle light-lit penis. Which is an image that both enthralls and terrifies me.

So many people will be there that I want to hug and rock with that I don't know how I will divide my time approproately. It's giving me some sort of brain pains. First off, Rocko-n-Roll is coming. I haven't seen him since Heavy Rebel and that should be some sort of crime. In fact, I'm going to petition to have the laws changed so it IS a crime that we both suffer for. There's no excuse for not hanging when he only lives in a neighboring state! And then there's Little Jenny Penney. I miss her so much that I could puke and die. It took awhile for me to accept that she really wasn't a Pussyfoot Girl anymore. That was my scheduled time with her! I got a weekly fix and she took it away. I'm still detoxing. I promised I would rape her the second she walked through the door. And I will. Emotionally.

And then there's the birthday girl...Carol Shoe-Lane. There aren't enough hours in the day for me to explain how kick-ass she is. And she's going to be 42! And I'm going to celebrate harder than anyone. And I'll probably pay for it harder than anyone, too! It will be worth it. We're starting our weekend early with a Chick Ditch Day! No work for either of us. We're going to see Juno, eat at Antonio's, but wigs for the next PFG show, and do any last minute party prep. I can't think of a better Friday. Unless it involved a hot pink, alcohol-filled, twinkle light-lit penis.

Wow. I thought I didn't have enough to rattle on about but hot dog damn, I've gone above and beyond and for way to long. I had plans to talk about my new microwave with it's soften setting and then there was a whole speech about UGG boots and my skin-tight dark blue jeans that Bill says look painted on (Levi's 501 paint! A dude I work with said that about my tight jeans a few years back and I still love it's visual symbolism). But I'll talk about those things another day! There's work to do. And parties to plan.

See all of y'all Monday if I don't see you Saturday! I love 2008.

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