Thursday, November 25, 2010

While we were sleeping, I tried to say...

Gobble gobble!!!

I started my holiday off with pumpkin roll, a glass of milk, and 2 Thanksgiving episodes of Top Chef. Not bad a bad way to start the day! Got me to thinkin'. I'm sure I could have made a list that would have wrapped all the way around the world of things that I am thankful for. However, I have to get ready to stuff my face full of yummy goodness so...most of all...I am thankful...

...for my husband, the love of my life. Some days I want to bite his face off because he makes me bananas. But more often, I want to smooch his sweet face and block out the world so it's just him and me. Todd & Lacey vs. The World. I can't imagine my life without him.

...I'm part of my family. I think we're indestructible.

...I have pals like the Ol' Kentucky Sharks. My how we have grown over the years. Husbands, wives, weddings, engagements, babies. But deep down, still the same Ol' Sharks. Fun-loving, supportive, entertaining and amazing individuals.

...that 2010 is almost over. It's been mind-numbing. have my job. Not just because I am employed (at a place that lets me have a pretty cool lifestyle) but because I truly do love my job. By working for my father, I've gotten to see different sides of him and I support his vision 100%. Anyone would be lucky to have a boss like him. Working there has helped me grow.

...for blogging. It's been waaaaay cheaper than therapy! And even if no one read my blather, I'd still keep clacking away at the keys. I have an emotional record of my life over the last 10 years. I can step right back into those moments of my life. It's a precious opportunity.

...that I get unconditional love from my fur-kids. If I'm at my best or at my worst, they don't care. They're just sweet 24 hours a day. Sweet and dumb, but aren't we all?

...for television, movies, music, magazines. Maybe some people think these things are a waste of time but they bring me so much joy. Always have, always will. I find them all to be so inspiring. They make my imagination thrive. The world is fascinating...the world of entertainment is just MORE entertaining. Adventure Time with Finn and Jake has changed my life.

...we are making a home at Castle Grayskull. Together.

...that I have remained myself over the years. And my friends, family, husband, step-son, and fur-kids all appreciate me for being me. No one expects me to be someone else or anything else. They accept me, quirks and all. I am very lucky.

And very thankful. HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!!!

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