Monday, November 01, 2010

I don't need anybody's help to rise above it.

I am still pulling spirit gum off my ears. Halloween was a success.

A success in many ways it seems because Wolfboy Slim and Little Erin got engaged last night (same night I got engaged 2 short years ago)!!! A message I received simply read "FINALLY!!!!" and I knew what had gone down...and I also almost fell out of my bed!! I could not possibly be more excited for her and wish I could have seen the look on her face! Congrats, y'all! This is hardcore awesome news.

Love is in the air, man. Jimbo and Jess had their Halloween reception on Saturday, Jenn Terror got hitched yesterday, Jackie and Jocephus got engaged recently and their plans are rolling along, and now Erin and Josh join the pack. Plus Evan turned 1 and the baby shower for Vincent is around the corner. This is all good stuff. Totally the kind of awesomeness we need to balance out the disaster of a year. I'm pumped for everyone. Truly.

We went as Big Red Riding Hood and the Little Bad Wolf. I loved it.

So Halloween is over for another year but the start of holiday season is here. Turkey Day, Christmas Eve, Anti-X-Mas, New Year's festivities. I'm hoping the holidays continue to rock so we can end 2010 on a high note. I'm also hoping that some news we got isn't really as bad as my swirling brain is making it out to be. Trying to stay positive which is not always the easiest thing. Luckily I'll know more today. Le sigh.


erin said...

thank you!!! you got engaged on halloween too?! i thought it was a few days apart. how awesome. with all the YUCK, i needed some non-yuck in my life. wish i woulda seen you guys over the weekend but glad you had fun!!!

Lacey P.G. said...

I guess it was technically November 1st. But Todd had the ring in his pocket all night on Halloween at the Beachland. I kept putting my hands in his pockets and he said if I would've found it, he would've proposed then but I never did. DAMN ME and my TINY HANDS! So he proposed at home.