Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Open up and let it flow.

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! The skunk is SICK!

I have my fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyeballs and labia crossed that because I'm sick NOW, I won't be sick for the wedding. Seeing as I am ALWAYS sick...I'm looking at this cold that's taken over as a blessing. If I didn't get sick now, I might be sick then. All the same, sneezing and stufiness can suck it. Todd was an excellent nurse yesterday. Mac-n-Cheese, meds, fluids (could be dirty but isn't), back rubs, blankets, snuggles. He didn't wear my nurse costume but that's muscles were too sore to laugh any way.

I know I got sick because I'm stressed and my immune system took a vacation from Stress City. Some wedding stuff regarding the reception has become quite the cluster-fuck and NONE of it was our fault. But of course, we get to figure it out. Ridiculous. I don't have time to have a brain tornado concerning reception details 17 days before we swap vows. Todd is as angry as I am so he's taking the reigns in this situation. He promised he'd fix it and I know he will. My pops is all ready to step in and set people straight if need be. It's good that I have those 2 dudes because if it weren't for them ready to handle business, I'd be ripping people's heads off like a wolverine on a bad day.

So what else is going on in life?

The weekend was pretty low key because Todd wasn't feeling up to snuff. We hit PJ Thursday with I missed that guy. Friday we had drinks with the photographers and sealed the deal on locations and stuff (those pics are going to blow minds, I can guarantee). Friday night was when Todd started feeling icky so we were in bed mighty early. Saturday I met the chicks in my fam for lunch and then spent the majority of the day alone while Todd slept off his illness. I was slightly bored. Todd said he bet that would happen after the art show closed up and he was right. Though when Shelby was mysteriously missing from the yard...that spiced up the night. She's home now...and she is grounded. I missed the cocktail party which burns my toast because I was looking forward to it. But Todd was down for the count so...sigh.

Sunday we got a lot of wedding junk done. But that's on the wedding blog.

Oh! I did collect my money and remaining paintings from the gallery. It was nice to have a big chunk of change. I financed a date with some of it and went to see Inglorious Basterds after a sub-par dinner and drinks. The awesomeness of the movie made up for the meal. It was mind blowing. Really. Go see it. Twice. Anyway, I trimmed the prices of all the paintings and posted them on Facebook. I should probably do it on My Space, too, but I'm over that. Maybe I'm growing up. Maybe I'll post them here. Everything must go!! Except "Nasty Naughty Nurses 3". Todd claimed that as his own.

This weekend is wide open. Filled with possibilities.

My fortune cookie reads: Find release from your cares. Have a good time.

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