Monday, September 14, 2009

Oooooh, you make me live!

I forgot how much I loved the zoo until I was there. And being there with Phoebe, a person who hates most things, made it even more entertaining. This doesn't make me a wuss or anything but...animals are SUPER cute. MOST animals. Not birds, even if they're considered majestic. And robotic dinosaurs are scary. Really scary. In the event of Lacey vs. Dinosaurs, dinosaurs would win. For sure. Because my heart would explode in my chest upon seeing one, as it almost did when Phoebe and I were alone in a creepy part of the zoo gawking at a giant robotic T-Rex. I became uncomfortable. I clearly have no survivial skills. Regardless, I love the zoo and Phoebe for taking me. Sadly, my pictures were lost so I have nothing to show off. Maybe she can hook me up with some.

I'm getting married this week. Bananas.

I guess I don't really have much to say. I have so much to do to get ready for this weekend and then 2 weeks of honeymooning that my mind is really clogged. I thought blathering here would help me empty a little bit so I could get organized. But I think it's too crowded up there to even blog properly. I am looking forward to the wedding and the reception. I AM. I don't want to say "I can't wait until it's over". But I am TRULY looking forward to the honeymoon. I don't have to plan anything. I don't HAVE to do ANYTHING. I can just turn my brain OFF and coast. I just want to coast.

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phoebe marie said...

you said "bananas". either you hang out with ME too much, or you watch the rachel zoe show too much. hopefully it's the former.