Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I'm pink and black and blue for you.

This may very well end up being a mushy, lovey-dovey, "all about my fiancee" sort of blathering mess. So if you can't stand me having my pants romanced off in odd and somewhat deformed ways...take a hike or run for the hills, yo. Cause I'm feeling all dreamy and not at all grounded this morning. Though I also feel sort of sicky from having cookies for breaskfast. Maybe I'll vomit pink and red adorable heart shapes or something. Doubtful.

Todd rubbed his cologne on the neck of my hoodie and it's driving me an odd combination of batty and bananas today. I usually get all high school crushy on him based soley on his deoderant. Throw in cologne...I'm a puddle. I hope people don't think I
m sniffing my clothes to see if I stink. Because I don't. I smell delicious. God, I'm downright chipper! On a weekday!

Yesterday I tried on the potential wedding gowns for my folks but you can read about that nonsense on the wedding blog later. I'm just setting the stage. I was missed and missing while I was at the store so I was anxious to get home. I walked in to candles leading a path up the stairs and outloud I said, "Awww shucks". I was probably blushing too. I did not get romanced in previous relationships. Onward...I made it to the top of the stairs to find a nakie Weasel with a cocktail, a bathroom full of candles, and a hot shower. My days are really long and Todd feels bad that when I get home, it's late and dark. He was trying to relax me.


No one needs to hear about what happened there because you would eithee puke and die or wash your eyes out with soap. Neither of which I recommend. Just know that when I said I wanted to come home to that every day, he responded, "Any day you try on your wedding dress!!". He's as pumped as I am (that's NOT wedding talk...just wedding-inspired awesomeness). We're officially retarded for each other. So I got to take my burning hot shower alone...he can't take the heat...but we talked-n-talked-n-talked-n-talked. Life is good.

YOU HEAR ME??? Life is GOOD!

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