Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Just when I thought I could stand on my own.

Sorry for being a dud. I've had a lot going and a lot to gab about but honestly, I jsut haven't had the will power or energy or even the desire to fill you in. Lame, I know, but that else is new? I'll give you the quick and painless version of my life but it's going to be a little less bang for your buck. Sorry if you feel slighted or disappointed but that's how it is. Man, I can't even tell if I'm angry or depressed today and I forgot to wear my mood ring. Shucks.

Work is work. Actually, work is painful. I'm not going into any wordy detail because I hate wordy people. If you cut out the amount of adjectives and fancy shmancy literary jargon that people use to try and appear smart, you'd probably realize they have nothing to say. So...work sucks. Simple as that. But I get a fattish paycheck so...yeah.

School is school. School is actually good. I really like my Anatomy and Physiology lab. I feel like I'm really learning shtuff. The endoplasmic reticulum is so my bitch! Math makes me feel like a dummy but I've always been a math dummy. Luckily, I'm not the olderst person in the class. But I'm not the youngest either which also rocks. These little girls with braces and white belts make me chuckle. Anyone who wants to flash me flashcards and increase my brain size over ice-cream, holler.

My relationship is currently kind or irritating. It's such a roller coaster that I might as well not even talk about it. But I will just to make you sick. I love the man and had a fancy tropical vacation with him but damn, I am just doing too much of the work. I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to feel so lonely when I've been seeing someone for a year and a half (2 and a half if you want to get technical and morally wrong about it all). And sicne I know this relationship will never lead to marriage or kids and we don't even live together yet (and probably won't any time soon since my fun stuff clashes with his hotel room, minimalist motif)...I don't know. My mind is all over the place. Jackson Pollack painting up in here.

Pussyfoot Girls are stressing me out. Jen is out...again...so that leaves us to 3. Is this even fun anymore? I can't even tell. That's not good. We havea show with Bob Log III and Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival which is our first show after an almost 2 month hiatus. I should be more excited...especially is the lovely Lisa will be there. Why am I so blah about the whole thing? Why do I feel like throwing in the towel?

My life = work, school, sleep, repeat.

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erin said...

i wanna die. feel better.