Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tonight we'll put all other things aside.

Once I order my creepy contacts, our costumes will be COMPLETE!

Maybe we spent a little more dough than we should have but you know what? It's Halloween. Go big or go home, that's what I say! Since everything is coming together (without me having to stitch, glue, purchase or construct anything at the last second), I am predicting nothing but uber-fun at the Hissem wedding next weekend. I'm so glad I have a husband who loves Halloween and dressing up as much as me. There will be pictures. And they will be priceless.

Tomorrow I'm going to the circus with Phee-Bizzle and Todd thinks I'm going to runaway without so much as a text message. This was all prompted by dreams Phoebe had last year about me being a trapeze artist. I'd be damn good at that. I've already added "will break a rib to fit into a tight, sequined costume" and "easily persuaded into acts of danger and stupidity" to my resume (and my Facebook page, which is the resume of my life).

I haven't been to the circus since 3rd grade and like many people, I totally hate clowns...yet suddenly have an urge to paint them. But I'm jazzed to go because Phoebe is coo-coo over the circus and I think it will be cool to take it all in as an adult. And I like spontaneity. Going to the circus was not on my agenda until I got a very eager and excited text message last night. Of course I was in. I'm up for pretty much anything, especially last minute awesomeness. And who knows...maybe I'll get my big break as Madame Fifi von Glitter Pants.

What else?

Todd and I have reverted back into teenagers and I like it. I think our weekend plan involves nothing but cocktails, movies, and friskies. We both have doctor's appointments this week that neither of us are looking forward to so our time off needs to be pure chillaxation. Chillaxation followed by a fundraiser for our bartender pal, James, who was attacked and got 84 stitches in his mug. WHY ARE PEOPLE SUCH RIDICULOUS JERKOFFS???

Two people in my life call me 'Ace'. It amuses me. And with that...

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