Friday, October 15, 2010

You can speak your mind but not on my time.

As I quickly blathered earlier this week, I am diving head first...and awkwardly, no doubt, because I cannot dive...back into painting. Not just PAINTING. I'm throwing myself back into art and I have every intention of trying some new things. I have a RAD art room at Castle Grayskull and I need to take advantage of it. And I plan to go ballllllls out this weekend.

So OF COURSE, I started a blog dedicated specifically to my art. Every finished piece that will be for sale will end up there. And there will be some other fun schtuff related to my hobby on the page. Besides my husband and my pals, art is my favorite thing on the planet! I may not be talented, I may not even be creative, but it makes me HAP-PY.

Become a follower for updates. You don't need to belong to Blogger to do so.


But regarding THIS blog, someone found it by searching "morning breath fetish". Yelp. What have I been talking about for the past 5 years???

And regarding my life, I've been sick for a week now. It's just a sniffling, sneezing, coughing cold but it's annoying. It didn't hold me back from going to see Bouncing Souls open for Bad Religion. Bouncing Souls were relatively boring. Good but dull. Then Bad Religion blew my miiiiind! It was everything I hoped it would be. Until some broad with a mohawk started shit with me...after I casually called her the C word, which is reserved for total trash bags.

By the end of the verbal spar, she was apologizing and telling me I was right. Fucking fool.

I'm beginning to think I'm too old for this shit, especially when it gets you invited to the back for a fist fight, but that's OK. Because what's fun about being stuffed into a small space like sardines and dealing with drunk bums and trash who think they own the world? The next day, we spent time with the Shoelanes, talking, drinking, laughing and THAT was where I was comfortable. That was a good time for me...for us. But Bad Religion WAS amazing. Next time, I need to hang in the back rather than getting in the thick of it.

The thickness is where fisticuffs happen.

So tonight is Deadbolt...which is a totally different situation. Different people, different crowd. I want to go and support my twin, Alex, since COTPF is opening. And I know Weasel really wants to give Deadbolt a second chance as far as their live show goes. But my nose is currently a faucet. I need to try and get some shut-eye and she if I can self-repair. Though a night at home sounds pretty rad...

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