Monday, August 01, 2011

Miles away from nowhere and the wind doesn't have a name.

SCHMOWZOW! I can officially say I'm having a baby this month!

I know this isn't the baby blog but I thought it had to be documented. A year ago at this time (I think even on this DAY), we moved into Castle Grayskull and were months into trying to breed. Now look at us? Our house is a home and we're going to have a baby THIS MONTH (even if he is the maximum 2 weeks late...which I would like to think he wouldn't do to his mama).

As a last major outting before motherhood, Todd and I met Tessa (Phoebe ended up being too under the weather to attend) at the Great Lakes Renaissance/Medieval Faire and had a rad, if not HOT, afternoon. First off, Renaissance Faire merchandise is pretty much all awesome. If I had a surplus of funds, I would have left with one of everything...especially this octopus ring that I fell in love with. I settled for what I truly wanted...a glittery ribbon crown, which I wore all day, and a dyed fox tail which put my little immitation tail from Target to SHAME. I think Dr. Nightmare thought the tail was her new boyfriend when I brought it in the house.

Besides merchandise, I loved the general feeling of the faire, being tucked back under the trees like I was in Sherwood Forest (except there were cream puffs and pizza available). I'll give them props, their selection of snacks was extensive but it was too damn hot to want to eat, though Todd did put a hurting on a turkey leg. If you're into people watching, this was the place to be. The costumes (of all people there, not just employees) were amazing. And there was no shortage of things to do and see. Dancing, comedy, demonstrations, and my favorite, the jousting.

I was proud of myself for putting in 3 hours under the baking sun. I really did have a great time, though my back got angry and my feet weren't much happier. But my good mood was quickly SMOOSHED when we got on the highway in Geneva and drove right into a traffic shit storm. It took us an hour to go 6 miles and then 10 minutes to go 1/10 of a mile. Bad News Bears. Todd said at least we were spending time together...but I was uncomfortable, exhausted, and starving. It was hard not to cry. At one point, we threw the car into park and switched seats because I was having contractions and my son was seeing how far he could stick some appeandage under my rib cage. Grrrr.

3 hours and 15 minutes later (YES, longer than the amount of time we were at the faire), we pulled into Castle Grayskull. I was in pajamas and in bed with Dr. Nightmare in 2 seconds flat. Todd made me some dinner and I fell asleep with Top Chef D.C.  Overall, I'm glad we went and I feel satisfied in my last roadtrip for awhile. We ran into Brother Ed and Natalie there and she told me about her short labor and (3 push) delivery. I hope I can channel her awesomeness on our big day! And just think, next year I can take Spencer to the faire.

HUZZAH! And let the final countdown begin!


phoebe marie said...

i curse my body for being a fun-killer yesterday. glad YOU had a good time. <3

Sharky Marie P.G. said...

It happens (says the person whose body hates her the most). It was very hot and we did lots of walking around on gravel so it's best that you stayed home and rested. Hope your guts are repairing.

phoebe marie said...

yeah.. all i could think was "walking. and portapotties. not good."
the tide has ebbed to a more manageable volume, but still sucks.
so frustrating.