Thursday, July 21, 2011

When was the last time that you recall someone you knew was someone who asked nothing of you?

I rarely blog twice in one day but I HAD to no uncertain terms...


Brother Ed and Natalie are some of the coolest, nicest, most incredible people I have had the pleasure to meet over the years. Hell, she made Spencer a shark hat (and mama one to match) just out of the goodness of her heart. And Ed has been the epitome of awesomeness when it comes to dealing with his lung cancer. So it breaks my cold, black heart that the cancer has spread. But Natalie said they're ready to beat the beast, and I know that they will. They have an entire army of people that feel the same way I do behind them. If anyone can beat this, THEY CAN. No doubt.

But I have to question...why do these terrible things happen to people I'm crazy about??

I know that bad things happen to bad people as well, but screw them. And bad things happen to good people that I don't know, too. I know horrific things don't single out hardworking, awesome, decent people, but it sure feels that way sometimes. It FEELS like the scumbags out there get away with murder and get things handed to them that they flat out don't deserve. While the people who deserve a life full of happiness get the shit stick. Too many people in my life have gotten knocked down when they've always been upstanding. It just makes me angry, you know? Flat out sick.

But everyone needs to channel their anger and energy into being this incredibly huge and powerful support system, or at least that's what I think. Everyone in Cleveland loves them. Everyone that loves them HATES cancer. Maybe a higher power...God, Buddha, Zeus, whoever...won't be able to ignore so many people praying for the same, positive outcome. Strength in numbers, and all that jazz. Anyway, if you have any extra favors to call in, please send some good thoughts into the cosmos for my pals. It would be much appreciated and probably garner some good karma (though I'm on the fence about that bitch).

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